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October 13, 2008


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D. S.

Just reading the raw cut I felt a huge shift take place inside my old belief systems.... you are pointing to something that is as obvious as air and also, like air, something most of us are unaware of until we can't breathe.
Can't wait to read more and see where it takes you... me....

Joy W.

I wrote a really long comment but hit preview and then lost it.
The bottom line is that the collapse is the result of primitive FEAR. Money is the way we have learned to fight the fear. Greed is the manifestation of that fear.
The internet has changed things, but it hasn't changed the basic nature of people. As long as people fear lack of survival, some will become billionaires. They will make more money than they can spend in a lifetime, but they give away pitances and call it foundations.
Until and unless, humanity comes to grips with fear, economys will continue to collapse. History shows that when man has a chance he will grab more than he needs, even if food rots.
Children need caring people to teach them that there is enough for everyone if we learn to share. In America, lack of Basic Trust is the foundation for the collapse, pornography, pedophilia, drug abuse, and all the other variety of criminal behavior.
People should have gone to jail for their excesses instead of receiving "golden parachutes". People who bought houses on ARMS SHOULD lose their houses. It's a circle of greed.
No wonder Ayn Rand called her book, "Capitalism, the Unknown Ideal." Most of us don't want true capitalism, because it doesn't bring riches to the few. Most of us want to be in "the FEW".

Joy W.

All of this is the beginning of the domino effect. The CS Monitor has always been just to the ellipse and presages what the middle has to do. Doctors, who should be in the front of the new age, are lagging far behind. The new frontier is what may seem to be a reversal-patients are people with computor-based lives. These people are going to need talking therapy more than ever. They have finally figured out that the sun is a SSRI, cheap and reliable.. No wonder that TB patients were kept on the Solarium. In our attempts to find the perfect drug, we are burdening patients with side effects that modify the QUALITY of life, while supposedly prolonging it. So much medical info is available on the Internet, yet without the doctor's touch, it may cause one to choose the wrong solution. A machine can count a pulse, but only a trained finger can interpret it.


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